We are proud to announce our new and improved warranty policy. We have improved our warranty policy because of the thorough repairs and quality workmanship American Industrial practices.

Our standard warranty period is 12 months IN-SERVICE and up to 12 months of “shelf-life” prior to install, with the exception of the items listed below:

Marposs Gauges, Slides & Flex Heads:4 MonthsTransducers (LVDT):3 Months


All in-house repairs are warranted to be free from defect for the period shown above from the date of repair.The warranty will encompass the entire unit, not just the components replaced. This warranty will not apply to items that fail due to misapplication, including but not limited to: improper operation (machine- or operator-induced); improper storage, handling, or installation; negligence; abnormal temperature; power surges; moisture; dirt; abuse; corrosive conditions; or an act of God.

We endeavor to align ourselves with outsource vendors who extend the same warranty period and policy as ours.  However, in areas where this is not possible, we will note the warranty period/policy extended to this repair.

In order for us to remedy warranty claims, we need information from you so that we can address the warranty claim in an efficient manner. When you believe a repair must be returned to us due to warranty claim,  please call our customer service department and advise us immediately. We need to know if the item failed at the time of installation or how long it operated prior to failure. We also need to know if there is any apparent physical damage to the unit and any failure symptoms or any other pertinent information that will help us assess the repair.

We will honor warranty claims as long as our warranty seals have not been tampered with or removed from the unit and no other repair attempt has been made by you or any other outside repair source.


We ship our repairs via ground service unless you specify differently. For warranty repairs, we will pay the return ground shipping charges. If for any reason we deem the unit unrepairable even after we have quoted it to you, we will pay the return ground charges. However, when we quote an item to you that is repairable and you request it returned unrepaired, we will invoice you for shipping and handling charges.